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Learn to Swim

First, swimming and other sports comparison -There are several different factors:

1, The teaching environment is different: The beginners easily lead to the psychological fear of water because of buoyancy, resistance, pressure .
2, Respiratory is different: breathing while swimming is different than normal, You need to use your mouth to breath on the surface of the water and use mouth (or nose) breath in the water, There are some difference between between breath in and breath out as well as follwing the rhythm of swimming action, this is an important part of the process.
3, Change the upright posture, prone or supine in the water, complete it with non-familiar Positions.
4, No fixed point of the use of water on the body of buoyancy and lift the body forward.

Second, swimming teaching has several stages :

1, A rough master action phase: Waterborne familiar mainly to overcome the psychological fear of water, a preliminary understanding of movement, perceptual knowledge. Motor performance of tension, lack of coordination, a superfluous action, shortness of breath.
2, Improvement of the action phase: master the correct action to enhance the quality of action and movement coordination of actions to eliminate errors, improve technical movements.
3, consolidate and truly phase: repeated practice, easier to walk, to the degree of automation. Targeted to begin practicing, and further increase exercise, the system exercises to enhance physical qualities in all respects, to reach a certain level of training.

Third, swimming teaching principles:

1, consciously active principle: how to mobilize athletes, coaches, the enthusiasm? Clear objectives: developing interest: understanding their psychological.
2, intuitive principles: the right moves demonstrations, vivid image on, the use of gestures.
3, progressive principles: from easy to hard , grow from small to large, progressive manner, and gradually increase.
4, the principle of proceeding from reality: this refers to the task of teaching, content, and to organize teaching, we must strive to meet, age, gender, infrastructure, as well as venues, climate, water temperature, and so the actual situation on the teaching of the acceptable, smooth .
5, entrenchment of the principle: has grasped on the basis of rising.
6, the teaching principles of the relationship between: the relationship between the complementary. The main principle is to consciously positive it is the premise of the principle.

Forth, Breaststroke Teaching: breaststroke technology moves more complicated: the leg action is the foundation, 85 percent from the speed leg, breathing is the key, the teaching of any beaches are in order legs, arms, hands and feet.

(1), leg movements Teaching:
Objective: To grasp breaststroke leg movements, or is determined to learn breaststroke Well key difference,
Difficulty: ankle valgus and tread folder action.
(1) Prone floor of the stage (bench): Model on, or legs, turned ankle, leg folder fight together, stop (taxiway) decomposition and then link up to the integrity of leg movements, the best is a fellow of practice and correct action to carry out exercises to observe, understand, practice, the role model.
(2) water exercises: walking floor (or escalator waterline),
Trunk submerged in water - shoulders slightly Lumbo-abdominal muscle tension, buttocks and around the surface to prevent Dayao, Ting abdomen, buttocks sinking.
---------- Slow to finish in the legs and feet of thigh projection:
-- Valgus feet turned outward to the full, legs and feet inside at the water, Jiaxin upward.
Pedaling folder - backward curved outward leg folder to continuity, speed relative speed.
Stop ------- legs feet close together extension drift for a while.
(3) help with the board to practice breathing exercises: Admission to slow legs, Leg Press forced, to the rise of inspiratory legs, Leg Press bow breath.

Error: (1) or when the legs or having feet (2) not only tread folder (3) from the hip on the V (4) to fast legs.
Corrected: (1), he showed a long toe, feet up action to strengthen land, water hook pedal.
(2) outside your knees, legs or knees when the deduction.
(3), head - and-shoulder or low leg, head and shoulder elevation, Leg Press, to bow at the same time the thigh of the leg, hip Liu?
(4) to force legs too, stressed that when slow or legs, Leg Press should be forced.

(2), arm movements and complete action Teaching:
Objective: To grasp breaststroke arm movements and respiratory support, complete with action followed the relationship between the force.
Difficulty: the water line and respiratory movements.
Methods: (1) imitation Exercise: bent over with both hands, feet close together forward extension, palm down, Pause, dual lateral at the same time after the water below; under-chin (chin), palm inclined relative, or hands to Qubi Submental; forward extension Pause handed feet close together.
(2) arm movements and breathing movements, complete with the mutual relations: arms and breathing exercises: dual separately, the rise of absorption, hand, bow breath. Pause. Arm, breathing exercises and complete action: (Gongbu standing) foot rise of the water is not moving, or feet or hands at the same time (NOTE: turned ankle), Leg Press bowarmsfeet close together protrusion at the same time,
Password done by: "1" - the water.
"2" - or legs or hands at the same time (to start up at the end of leg feet).
"Hand" - Leg Press extension.
"Pause" - hands and feet straight. Then on to the second movement.
Error: (1) the water at the hand-over "touch mahjong," over the extension of shoulder line: (2) is zoned arm, Leg Press, smoking less than gas;
Corrected: (1) the water at the hand-elbow, is zoned to the lateral water palm, the high elbow Qubi, requirements:-shoulder and hand strength exercises to strengthen his arm. (2) is zoned hand legs straight, hands straight Leg Press, that first stretch to tread, while bleaching. Stressed at the bow exhaled water, is zoned arm, deep inspiratory rise.

5. Freestyle Teaching
Payong moves closer to the image of people walking on land movements, arm, leg movements of relatively simple, but more effort than some breaststroke is a professional athlete training for the physical quality of the primary means of beaches. 90% of its forward momentum from the arm movements.

(1), leg movement exercises
Objective: To study alternating between upper and lower legs with a whip action, complete with learning Payong lay the foundation for technology.
Difficulty: fetching water whip action.
Methods: a leg at the hip joint axle, in the thigh, knee and ankle relax extension, leg thigh led to whip action from top to bottom, legs at the knee straight upward and downward slightly flexor, upper and lower legs activities Ge about the rate of about 35 centimeters. Floor exercises, sitting with both hands, after shoring, legs protrusion, feet close together in the rotation. Straight-leg-fetching water action. Water exercises, require both hands, straighten his head caught in thearmsbetween the two sides remain ventilators Cetou round, straight legs from the beginning to gradually transition to relax Xihuai appropriate bending whip fetching water.

Wrong and correct: (1) the knees and leg fetching water; correct: too much tension leg with straight legs fetching water exercises, and the lead leg thigh movements (2) hooks toe fetching water (hoes feet). Reasons: poor ankle flexibility. Corrected: poor ankle flexibility to collapse straight toe, ankle pressure to do more activities.

(2) arm movements and breathing with teaching
Objective: To grasp arm movements and breathing with master Payong integrity is the basis of action.
Difficulty: pushing water and breathing movements.
Methods: (1) Step one foot bow before kick after a hand-holding hand with quote knee lateral thigh, arm, elbow higher than the shift hands, and change-shoulder, the extension of the wrist in line rubbing shoulders in water and keep hold water Qubi high elbow position along the central line of the body back to the "S"-the water, is zoned to use when pushing people crowded under water thigh. A sharp angle: "shift raising arm, extending far into the water; the water midline; pushed water collision thigh." (2) Yibei Shen before, after another arm straight alignment, rotation Juebi the water moves.

Wrong and correct:
1, arm downward into the water after water pressure. Cause: prematurely forced the water, and correct: finger into the water,
First into the water, above the elbow wrist.
2, palm touch water, reasons: Shen elbow the water. Corrected: Qubi elbow zoned high water, surface and the vertical arm, palm facing backward toe.
3, Panyao arm in the water. Cause: not push water moves. Corrected: the water at the end of the wrist straight arm to touch the ipsilateral thigh.
4, inspiratory rise of reasons: fear of choking water, drinking plenty of water, not the old. Correct: suction, the body longitudinal axis rotation, when the old one ear immersed in the water, inspiratory "bite shoulder" moves.
5, no suction inlet; reasons: not in the water exhaled. Corrected: that the water exhaled; the water pushed water, I would vomit water Meng deep inspiratory.
6, the water at the end of the body sank, the water difficult hand. Cause: palm upward, not push water. Corrected: the water after the collision-thigh, palm pushing water backward, using inertial elbow led to the water arm forward (as is the same kettle got hot, quickly pulled out).

6. Backstroke teaching
Backstroke, supine in the water, breathing than other beaches-easy to grasp. Zoned backstroke forward arm movement is the main driving force in the speed, but for beginners speaking, is the foundation legs.

(1) leg movements Teaching
Objective: To grasp backstroke correct supine position and the upper and lower legs kicked whip water, and maintain physical balance, and coordination for the study and arm lay a foundation for action.
Difficulty: whip action.
Methods: (with Payong, a prone position, a supine), but forced the contrary, demand: Juetui after the kick, under pressure straight leg, knee and feet above the surface.
Wrong and correct:
Kicking knee above the surface water: reasons: not filling hip started kicking at the hip and thigh water under pressure enough. Corrected: thigh positive, and pressed thigh driven upward leg kicking water, fetching water or straight leg correct.

(2) arm movements and actions with complete teaching
Objective: To grasp backstrokearmsrotation Juebi integrity of the water movement and movement teaching.
Difficulty: Qubi the water.
Methods: (1) the primary folder ear protrusion is zoned single-handedly water exercises, shifting arm, first mentioned retracting arm shoulder, arm straight, shift to shoulder to arm eyes vertical line, beginning swing arm, palm outward, in the arm Shoulder extension (around the ear) on the fingers first into the water, under the arm straight and deep. Hold water, the forearm fixed, linked arm grasping water. Wrist, elbow flush shoulder, palm backward at the toe while it pushed water, the water will be pushed at the end of the wrist, and pressed (as is the same kettle got hot, quickly filed). Water immediately and not suspended. (2) Yibei Shen before, after another arm straight alignment, rotation Juebi the water moves.
Wrong and correct:
(1)armsthe water decomposition, inconsistent. Cause: pushing water moves at the end of the arm Tice stay. Corrected: emphasized, as is palpable, like a hot kettle, the water immediately, do not stop.
(2) the water, too much water, effluent wrist. Reasons: not enough points to the depth of water, prematurely forced to correct: that, after the first slip deep water have again forced backwards to accelerate the water.
(3) serious bodily swing. Cause: too open water points, shoulder flexibility poor, pushing water is not in place. Corrected: flexibility exercises to strengthen the shoulder, arm in front of his head into the water. Push water at the end of the arm to touch the thigh wrists under pressure.
(4) did not play water spray. Cause: Raising his head too high, foot position too low. Corrected: Attention should be forced on the play, straight legs when under pressure to relax.
(5) "sitting" with the Tour. Reasons: fear of choking water, the back of my head from the water immersion. Corrected: Yang later the head, chest, torso should be flattening.

7. Butterfly teaching
Butterfly, also known as Dolphin Beach. Beach this technique more complex, more demanding-up in the teaching, generally in the other three beaches-after again.

(1) trunk and leg movements practice
Objective: To grasp the trunk and legs of the butterfly wave action, the Institute butterfly Lumbo-abdominal strength is the basis of learning.
Difficulty: wave action.
Methods: (1) the standing,armsextension on the move. Lumbo-abdominal swing around imitated dolphins wave action, Ting, Whitty, mention that stretch the coherence of the four movements.
(2) Payong fetching water moves principle legs feet close together at the same time fetching water exercises done from top to bottom, the force of lumbar, rhythmic swing from top to bottom, a whip-like fetching water. Forced upward movements not too large, downward pressure to force water.
Wrong and correct:
(1) leg flexion and extension fetching water, no waves. Cause: trunk did not take part in action, only leg strength fetching water. Corrected: participation in the trunk movement, strictly according to Ting abdomen, knees, Titun, fetching water Shenxi order to do the movements.
(2) head, shoulders ups and downs too large. Reasons: the concept of action unclear. Corrected: hands, head, shoulders relatively fixed, driven lower extremities do Lumbo-abdominal strength wave action.

(2) with arms and respiratory teaching
Objective: To grasp butterfly arm movements and breathing with integrity for the butterfly lay a foundation for action.
Difficulty: respiratory movements.
Methods: (1) arm movements: in-situ opening, body leaning forward, the support from the distance of about one arm, two-handed shift to imitate butterfly arm action and the water line: a two-handed touch thigh, inspiratory rise to shoulder the air transfer arm ( shoulder higher than the wrist, the back forward, backward Shouzhangxin),armsforward-shoulder, lowered his head and both hands in the air protrusion of the extended shoulder line "into the water," after all the water out internal rotation elbow hold water ( the elbow in a higher position "S" to accelerate the water). Edge elbow to push the water effluent, by inertial force shift arm.
(2) hand and leg movements with breathing: arm into the water when the water feet first fight, when the water arm to lift knee, arm, the water pushing people to the water Qixia, a second feet of water. (Ie a zoned water moves twice fetching water)
(3) hands, feet, with a rhythm, twice the proportion of force which is the first time forced into the water at 1 to 2 minutes force pushed water forced the second is 8 ~ 9 hours power, that is, "1928" by force.

Wrong and correct:
(1) the water after the water transfer arm difficulties. Reasons: inability to push the water, pause, palm upward fishing water. Corrected: palm pushing water backward, using inertial mentioned elbow to the shoulder to the forward arm.
(2) Zhibi the water. Reasons: the concept unclear. Corrected: high elbow Qubi the water, palm to after.
(3) hands, feet, with outdated. Reasons: arm into the water after staying too long with poor. Corrected: arm into the water followed back to the water, and a second leg.
(4) trunk no wave action, the reasons for: arm into the water when not actively bow Titun. Corrected: arm into the water when it is necessary to actively Shitun bow, a leg up, knee extensor
Objective: To grasp swimming breathing, rhythm, a process, to head submerged in water stimulus is to remove an important psychological fear of water means.
Difficulty: I draw breath, people get used to suction the nose, it is necessary to change this habit is difficult, I must use inspiratory and expiratory, must use a mouth or nose Zihe. Closed suction ---- ---- called a rhythm, breaststroke, freestyle and the emergence of bow ventilators time 1:3 and 1:5, respectively. Breathing fast that the slow breath.
Method: 1, RC floor hands with suction mouth closed - after the gas - and then head submerged in water, such as La-blowing as the exhaled air (but do not call respiratory End), and then rise by mouth Breathing,
2, skilled for a one-time, the gradual absorption and close, continuous and respiratory movements done to keep more than 30 to complete.
3, the old freestyle lateral, and maintain an ear immersed in the water, on both sides of the rotation.
Wrong: nasal inspiratory; no breath in the water, afraid of the water.
Corrected: clarifying the essentials action can be Yongshounie nose; practice should be forced expiratory to continuous air bubbles out.

9. Floating body and standing exercises
Objective: To eliminate psychological fear of water, the feeling of floating, floating body grasp after standing ability to change the physical location.
Difficulty: Closed gas, floating, protrusion.
Method: 1, Baoxi floating body exercises (floating watermelon): the standing, deep inspiratory, Squat Baoxi bow. He sank to his chest as close as possible, the former feet tread from the bottom, the bow-knee collision Mission body, the body will naturally slowly floating in the water. Standing, two-handed protrusion downward pressure water rise, straight legs at the same time, naturalarmsBence can be kept in the stand.
2, tread taxiway edge: back wall, a walking floor Yibi protrusion standing kicked Chi Choi, a close feet. Breathing deep bow after the body after a prone position, or standing legs, feet from the tank tread force, physical brainarmsclamping head straight forward glide.
Error: not float up: Choi, unable to tread.
Corrected: Tips clear, deep inspiratory not too tense tread wall as close as possible before the hip wall, as far as possible tightening of the calf, forced to tread edge.

10. Kuishui practice
Objective: To learn Kuishui to the complete elimination of psychological fear of water enhance the sense of security.
Difficulty: hands, legs reasonable coordinated action.
Methods: walking pool, floating body of clothing Kuishui practice: single hand or hands to help edge, the body upright, legs knees, heel, buttocks, shoulders into a linear, two-tread soles of the feet under the water towards the lateral consecutive kept QU to do - the tread. Chin, shoulder, arm submerged in water, is zoned under the arm, chest pressure or touch. Attention must be breathing rhythm.
Error: (1) physical sink; (2) can not be sustained.
Corrected: (1) hand to do in the chest in the allocation of water moves outward, increasing buoyancy: (2) legs outward leg at the same time. Sinking feeling when forced, when Shen relax. Maintain their strength.

11, the starting of the four beaches and turned (abbreviated)

  1. The benefits of swimming
    swimming exercise is to overcome the resistance to water rather than overcome gravity, muscles and joints not injured.
    water swimming to the role of limb blood easily return to the heart, to speed up the heart rate. Swimming long-term movement of the heart will increase, strong contraction.
    swimming to improve temperature control mechanism to prevent colds, if had a cold, do not swim or easy to get diseases such as viral myocarditis.
  2. What people should not swim?
    suffering from heart disease, hypertension, diseases such as tuberculosis, the exercise of the people unbearable.
    trachoma, otitis media, skin diseases and other infectious diseases may cause trouble to others.
    immediately after a meal or drink and not to swim, because of the stomach by water pressure and cold stimulation easily cause cramps abdominal pain, the long-standing cause of chronic gastroenteritis. 40 minutes after a meal before swimming.
    menstrual period unsuitable for swimming, and if there are swimming protection device can travel habits, but time should not be too long.
  3. Before water
    shower before swimming after a heated water, they will not feel cold. Because warm water bath (30 to 40 ¢J in between) can be taken on the part of calories, it would close to your body temperature water
    The temperature of the pool - typically 27 ¢J.

Swimming-Related Diseases

1, conjunctivitis: swimming in one of the common diseases, for the performance of eye irritation, foreign body sensation, pain discomfort. One of the most common is caused by chlamydia swimming pool conjunctivitis and acute bacterial conjunctivitis his card. Wear waterproof best swimming glasses, if swimming after flu eye irritation, eye drops can point with rifampicin, or 0.25 percent chloramphenicol eye drops for prevention, not hand Rouwen attention to the dirty towels or wipe eyes.

2, otitis media: swimming, if there ear pain, or even fever, discharging, it is swimming with bacteria water poured into his ears. Therefore, when the water pleasant to the ear, can be tilted head to the water side, or supplemented by one leg jumps to the natural outflow, and abandoning or hands to pull. To prevent water into the ear, preferably wearing earplugs. Once earache after swimming, application compound chloramphenicol neomycin or glycerin droplets ear drops ears.

3, sinusitis: diving and diving easy inlet from the nasal cavity, and with the same water into the paranasal sinuses. If unclean water can cause sinusitis, there will be nasal obstruction, nasal pain, headache or T-Nien, and other symptoms. 1% of available treatment ephedrine nasal drops and nasal drops streptomycin turn nose.

4, pharyngitis: multi choking in the water or after swallowing water, in addition, there may be discomfort or pain, sore throat, cough accompanied. Light to be more of Bell or gargle with the anti-inflammatory tablets, the weight should be promptly to the hospital for an examination.

5, contact dermatitis or allergic dermatitis: in the natural waters, sometimes from industrial wastewater, sewage chemical substances contained in the invasion, resulting in dermatitis, skin grow small red papules. Calamine lotion can be used several times a day, rub.

History and development since ancient times, whether to hunt, resist or escape when the sea to save themselves encounter, swimming is an important life skills one. BC far in 2500, ancient Egypt have similar free style activities. Ancient Romans built enormous bath, but also the upper reaches of the community as a leisure swimming and social activities of the premises. Early swim, but just as noble soldiers training in the education of their children and an important part of the 18th century until the end of the working class to participate in swimming time and opportunities increased, it started to become a swimming popular activities.

Competitive Swimmers from the United Kingdom and Australia, other countries came later, the mid-19th century to the early 20th century, countries in the world swimming competitions generally begin, Swimming Association also have been established. British Amateur Swimming Association (formerly the city Swimming Association) established in 1869, is the first established State Swimming Association. In 1850-60, the United Kingdom and Australia have been the occasion of swimming competitions. When the International Olympic Committee on June 16, 1894 in Paris, has been swimming in 1894 as one of the Olympic projects. As for the International Amateur Swimming Federation (FINA), was founded in 1908.

Breaststroke breaststroke as a game is the first of the beaches, but also from the freestyle and butterfly developed. In the 1940s and 1950s, many Japanese swimmers to use loopholes in the regulation of long-distance competitiondivingto obtain benefits, swimming in the 1956 rules changes will only allow swimmers to the pool and after takeoff, after undersea zoned only for a hand movements and Leg Press. In order to reduce water resistance and enhance the promotion of, the breast stroke is zoned hand movements and Leg Press that there had been a number of reforms, however, has been on the basic Yongzi do not have much access.

Australians Huilishi freestyle in 1850 using a surface advancement in the hands of Yongzi, which can be said to be the prototype of free style. And after the British swimmers Dihantela true in 1873 adopted a breast stroke with legs together with his hands before the turn of the beach-climbing, but Australians Lichakaer According to Mr. Wei and Trafalgar really a beach-style, created a 'shallow water,' kicks methods. Since then, the leg kick on only a few changes.

Early back stroke and backstroke Yang just floating in the water, and then reuse the kicks promote breast stroke. The 1900 Olympic Games, started Beach, the use of the hand in the water on the beaches of excessive advancement, stampede-kicks, will have the Olympic Games in 1912 to only beginning to emerge.

Butterfly butterfly hand is the designated by the German swimmers Erich Rademacher the first time in 1926 in the breast stroke competition use, at the time, he was still using the breast stroke kicks way. After the 1952 Olympics, the International Amateur Swimming Federation (FINA) decided to beach - and breast stroke separately, thereby increasing the butterfly, and beaches can be used more members of the dolphin kicks methods.

Butterfly (stroke)

[Sports] freestyle (swimming); the crawl

Synchronised Swimming
[Sports] water ballet

1. [Sports] (of swimming) backstroke; back crawl swim on one's back

Breast stroke

Swimming men, women and children is like one of the sport. Ancient swimming, according to the existing historical research, at home and abroad than the unanimous view is that arising from living in the River, River, Lake, along the ancient sea. In order to survive, it is necessary to capture water birds in the water and fish for food, through observation and imitation fish, frogs and other animals in the water swimming in the action, and gradually learned to swim.

China has a long history, vast waters. Records in swimming, began 5,000 years ago. But swimming as a sport or decades to develop things.

Modern swimming originated in the United Kingdom. 17 in the 1960s, many in the United Kingdom on the activities conducted in a swimming very active. France reached the early 18th century, then became popular in Europe campaign.

1828, the United Kingdom George pier built in Liverpool the first indoor swimming pool, the swimming pool to the 1930s, the major city in the United Kingdom has emerged.

1837, in London to set up the first swimming organizations, along with UK's first swimming competitions.

January 1869, the city set up in London Swimming Club Federation (now former British Amateur Swimming Association) and to swim as a specialized sports official fixed. And then came the British colony, then spread throughout the world. With the development of swimming, swimming and swimming shirt was divided into two categories competitive swimming. There were also practical side swimming beaches,diving, anti-breaststroke, Caishui, ambulance, armed swimming crossing; divided into competitive swimming breaststroke, Payong, backstroke and butterfly.

Competitive swimming, from the first session of the Olympic Games (1896) on the inclusion of the Olympic projects. Development to the present, various Championships, the major international competitions continue to promote the development of competitive swimming, it moves better technology has created one after another outstanding achievements.

In today's world, Europe and the United States swimming sports power is still leading. China's Wu Chuan-yu swimming athletes as early as 1953 in Bucharest, the first session of the International Youth Friendship Games, won the 100 m backstroke champion. China swept the early 1990s to create a series of achievements, the Chinese Swimming truly the international swimming attention.

Swimmers training value

On the cardiovascular role:

Swimming on the cardiovascular system improvement important role. Cold water through the stimulation and regulation of metabolic heat can promote blood circulation Besides swimming water pressure and resistance also of the heart and blood circulation played a special role, in the water swimming, the body had to withstand the pressure per cm2 0.02-0.05 kg, diving at the increase with depth, physical conditions change, the pressure will increase, swimming faster pace of the pressure will also increase the burden of atrial and ventricular muscle tissue can be strengthened, heart Cavity capacity can be increased gradually, beating heart reduction in the number of such activities will be able to save the heart of the entire circulatory system able to be improved, the reduction of static pressure has increased, systolic blood pressure decrease, blood pressure becomes more favorable blood vessel flexibility also improved to some extent. According to the statistics of experts, most people in a quiet state of the heart beat per minute, about 66-72 per Bo output of about 60-80 ml, and long-term training to participate in the swimming, the order in the same circumstances about 50 contraction Each Bo output has reached 90-120 ml.

The role of the respiratory system:

In the swimming practice, the metabolic process and saving the work of the cardiovascular system, we can not do without a lot of oxygen, but due to the chest and abdominal compression to increase the suction difficulties, it has been done specialized test, swimming When the thorax should be 12-15 kg of water pressure, in order to obtain sufficient so that the body of oxygen, respiratory muscles must overcome this constant pressure other breath while swimming underwater in general are completed, and water density than the air density is much greater, and therefore must be forced in order to breath, so whether or inspiratory breath can increase respiratory muscle contraction, which would in turn can increase respiratory function, increase lung capacity. General health for men FVC 3000-4000 ml, and often engaged in swimming, 50-60 ml can be achieved.

On the role of human skin:

Swimming in the process, because the water temperature stimulation, in order to ensure adequate body temperature. Skin blood vessels involved in the regulation of the important role of cold water when the skin to stimulate vasoconstriction, to prevent proliferation in vitro heat. At the same time have stepped up efforts to produce body heat, so that the skin blood vessel dilation, skin blood vessels to improve the blood supply, such long-term adherence to exercise the skin blood circulation to be strengthened.

In addition, the water is very soft, liquid, and waves due to the role of water, and continuously to touch on human epidermal rubbing, the skin is better to relax and rest, I often participate in the swimming exercise, have a clean, soft, skin.

Other roles:

As we all know, we are living in a three-quarters full of water sphere, in life and on the water will inevitably be dealing with, and this is not just a swimming sports, more importantly, it is rare in the life of the tools and skills . It infiltrated our lives in many areas: water resource development, scientific investigation, flood prevention and rescue, salvage, and so must ambulance skilled swimming skills as a backup, can have life protection.

[Standards] Swimming Pool

¡½ types of swimming pools
A, because of its use on different occasions are: competition for the standard pool and a leisure and entertainment as one of the special-shaped swimming pool (profiled more emphasis on leisure swimming pool, beauty, entertainment and more a reflection of the pool in the perfect combination of environment, human interaction water, it is both physically and mentally be good to have a high quality of life for those who require more humane design, the contoured pool will be reflected thoroughly.)
B, in accordance with its availability room settings, it can be termed as traditional and modern Chi Chi (integration equipment).
¡½ swimming pools circulation
Countercurrent, and Parallel Hybrid.
¡½ Swimming Pool circulating water treatment process that
The pool water to the water pipes, the pressure in the circulating pump circulating water through filtration equipment, heating and disinfection treatments. Circulating Pump hair gathered for the first water and floating hair of withholding to avoid hair entangled pump impeller pump pressurized water outflow through adding coagulant, which occurred in the pipeline coagulation reaction will be minimal suspension of the water pool, a "alum", the high-speed filter interception. After filtration, as water heat exchanger of the heating, water mixed with another part, subsequently joined disinfectant to kill germs in water, and maintain a certain amount of residual chlorine, and to add some of algaecide to avoid water to the algae green, PH value adjustment, the final return to the swimming pool water. These are mature pools of water cycle.
¡½ swimming pool equipment requirements
1. Swimming pool design beautiful, spacious building area, the top layer tall, glass roof and walls large area lighting should be good.
2. Bottom explosion-proof lighting for low-voltage, over bottom shop tiles, surrounded security overflow drainage channels.
3. Children at the Sham Shui Po district and leisure areas, the Sham Shui Po District depth of not less than 1.8 m, children leisure area is not more than 0.48 m depth.
4. Automatic water disinfection of the circulatory system and heating facilities
5. Pool water is not full of green carpet shop, a lie, dining table chairs, embellished with large potted bonsai.
6. Equipped with a certain number of parasol.
7. Enter exclusive access to a swimming pool, the population Office, located Baptist foot pool disinfection.
8. Pool area supporting various facilities and equipment, beautiful and comfortable, intact, intact rate of not less than 98%.
¡½ facilities requirements
1. Beside a swimming pool and reception capacity of the corresponding grade and quantity of male and female changing rooms, shower rooms, and bathrooms.
2. Locker room with a locking wardrobe, hanging Yigou, racks, benches and Wajia.
3. Shower room all mutual isolation, dual heated with hot and cold nozzle Yuchen.
4. Isolated bathroom with flush toilets, hanging bucket toilet, washing Guan Desk, large mirrors and hair dryer, and other sanitary facilities.
5. Walls of the facilities, the ground should be full shop tiles or marble, with anti-skid measures.
6. Water swimming area should be set at.
7. Various ancillary facilities in the selection and decoration materials, and the swimming pool facilities and equipment should be in line.
8. Various ancillary equipment availability rate is not lower than 98%.
¡½ Swimming Pool environmental requirements
1. Swimming pool environment beautiful, comfortable, generous and elegant.
2. Front of a swimming pool business hours, guests must realize that the price list and other signs signs.
3. Signs signs should be designed handsome, bilingual, clear handwriting.
4. Swimming pools, rest areas, the overall layout of facilities reasonable coordination, fresh air, good ventilation, sufficient illumination.
5. Indoor ventilation should not be less than 30 square meters / h.
6. Indoor lighting rate should not be lower than 30%.
7. Indoor should be maintained at between 25 to 30 C water temperature lower than room temperature I-2 ¢J.
8. Indoor relative humidity should be maintained at 50% to 90%.
9. Rest areas lie, chairs, tables placed neatly handsome, clean and comfortable large potted bonsai.
¡½ Swimming Pool hygiene requirements
1.PH Value: 6.5 ~ 8.5.
2. Turbidity less than 5 degrees.
3. Oxygen consumption does not lower than 12 MG / L, respectively.
4. Swimming water-transparent, non-dirt, hair.
5. Top glass and the walls clean, tidy, no ground water.
6. Urea may not be more than 3.5 MG / L, the water temperature is 22 ¢J to 26 ¢J.
7. Drinking water colorless, transparent, clean and hygienic, consistent with national health standards.




8. Total bacteria not more than 1,000 / ML, total coliforms may not be more than 18 / L, respectively.
9. Rest area ground, lie, table chairs, appliances, no dust, stains and debris.
10. Ms free oxygen should be maintained at 0.4 to 0.6 MG / L, in the compound of oxygen more than 1.0 MG / L, respectively.

The wearing swimming

Men usually wear swimwear, women usually wear a swimsuit. Now in the professional game, there were also wear other clothing.

After strenuous exercise should pay attention to --

First, it is not appropriate to rest. Vigorous exercise, the heart rate accelerate, muscles, telangiectasia, accelerate blood flow, a rhythm of the muscle contraction will squeeze small vein, the return to the heart and blood quickly. If this immediate stop to rest, the rhythm of muscle contraction will stop, the original flow of blood into the muscle on the return through the heart muscle contraction, resulting in lower blood pressure, a transient ischemic brain, triggered flustered shortness of breath, the first Halo vertigo, looking pale and even collapsed shock symptoms. So, after strenuous exercise should continue to do some small amount of exercise movements, respiration and heart rate to normal after the rest stop.

Second, not immediately bath. After strenuous exercise for the body to maintain a constant body temperature, skin blood vessel dilation, porokeratosis open, perspiration increased to facilitate heat dissipation, such as toiletries Lengshuiyu this will stimulate blood vessel immediately because of sudden contraction, increase blood circulation resistance, Cardiopulmonary burden increased, while lower body resistance, it will be easy for people sick, and if Xianreshuicao will continue to increase skin blood flow, excessive blood flow in the skin and muscle, leading to the heart and brain insufficiency, Light, dizziness, weight to collapse in shock, and also likely to cause other chronic disease. So, after some vigorous exercise will be to break a bath.

Third, it is not appropriate Boyin. After strenuous exercise thirsty, some people Baoyin water or other beverages, which will add to the burden of gastrointestinal, gastric be diluted, which lowered the bactericidal action of gastric juice, and hamper the digestion of food. And drink plenty of water too fast would also increase blood volume and fast, and suddenly increasing the burden of the heart, caused the body of potassium, sodium and other electrolytes in a time of disorder, and even heart failure, heart nausea abdominal distension, after exercise is not too excessive Express drinking water, not to drink cold drinks, otherwise the temperature would affect the dissemination, caused flu, abdominal pain or other diseases.

Fourth, not large Sugar. Some people think that in strenuous exercise after eating sweets or sugar very comfortable, that the movement to eat more sweets good, in fact after exercise in excessive eating sweets will be a large number of vitamin B1 consumption, people will feel tired, loss of appetite, affect physical recovery. Therefore, after strenuous exercise some of the best eating food containing vitamin B1 such as vegetables, liver, eggs, if you love to eat sweets after exercise should eat more vegetables and other foodstuffs.


5. Not immediately drinking. Strenuous exercise posterity bodily functions will be in a high level of the state, then drink the body faster absorption into the blood alcohol content of the liver, stomach and other organs will harm even more than usual. This will trigger long-term fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, dementia, etc. disease. Exercise is not a good thirst for beer, it would rapidly in the blood uric acid increased, the joint is greatly stimulate and trigger inflammation, such as causing gout.

6, not smoking immediately. After smoking campaign by human metabolism speed up, in the work of state organs in a high level due to massive smoke enters the body, but also because of the campaign after a large number of oxygen and the body needs to be met and more vulnerable to carbon monoxide, nicotine, and other physical hazards , smoking than usual at this time of even more harmful to you, poor absorption of oxygen at the same time also affect the body's recovery process after exercise, people feel more fatigue.

Meaning of Swimming Competition:
1. Motion [Physics]
2.movement; a campaign; a drive
3. Sports [Sports]; athletics; exercise exercise

Campaign material in sports, only substances in sports, no movement on no material, no material there will be no movement. Nature is material, is the movement. The material is also a natural movement. Material and the material itself or the ability to maintain the strength of material movement. No material without eradication of Health is inherent, natural ability or the strength is the strength of conservation, fixed, which is the natural strength of their own role and direction of conservation, fixed. Nature itself all the strength of a material strength are constantly changing. Changes in the strength of the material in a certain direction and role of the amount, that is, the material must have the strength. Natural strength is the strength of conservation, that is, to maintain the natural movement is eternal, natural maintain the strength of their own constitute a material change in strength is eternal. Here, in the campaign material, the degree of strength in the process of change itself called on the trajectory. So naturally the campaign itself did not trajectory. Nature itself constitute a material strength of its strength are constantly changing, so are its trajectory and are constantly changing. Nature itself all the strength of a material change in the process by the strength of all the material strength of the force and impact of a decision, that is, the natural strength of the direction and role of the influence of the decision. The role of natural strength is the direction all the material strength of the force, is the natural strength of the volume of all substances. Natural strength strength is fixed, a natural substance in all its material trajectory is fixed. In short: natural in sports, natural strength did not change itself, the campaign itself did not become a material trajectory, in its natural form substances in sports, changes in the strength, track their movements and was fixed. No material from the natural strength no no no time without movement trajectory. Accurately describe the material itself and its natural movement of the material that is the truth, what we are seeking to see or hear us and to understand the truth.

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